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Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY) sponsor of HR 996, a bill: To establish an improved regulatory process for injurious wildlife to prevent the introduction and establishment in the United States of nonnative
wildlife and wild animal pathogens and parasites that are likely to cause harm. H.R. 996 seeks to set up an “accepted” (white) list of common domesticated pets and livestock (dogs, cats, goldfish, farm animals), and an “unaccepted” (black) list. By default the black list would cover everything not included on the “accepted” list, including, potentially, thousands of species of fish, aquatic invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians found in the pet trade

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), along with Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) reportedly will introduce a companion bill into the US Senate later in this session.

 we do old fashion layaways on most, not all items.


Here are a few hints that over the past 30 plus years in business we have found work really good.

Before manufactures starting pushing hang on the back external filters years ago, the undergravel filter was the best and only filter an aquarium needed. Today as in the past, no aquarium filter is bad and with the increase in the cost of the undergravel filters, the external filter makes allot of sense. The manufactures have also made "BOX KITS" that contain most items required to have an aquarium at a great price. So if you need or want to start up an aquarium going with a BOX KIT makes allot of sense.

1. Do not get in a hurry. Buy a basic set-up and add items later if need or just desired.

2. MAKE SURE YOU GET A WATER CONDITIONER THAT REMOVES CHLORINE. Store are selling all kinds of chemicals that really can cause problems and not sell you a CHLORINE REMOVER. This causes dead fish.

3. Add fish in stages and not in large numbers at once. WHY ? Tap water has no GOOD bacteria for breaking down fish waste/ammonia. Nothing happens in the aquarium until a living item is added to produce waste. So adding small numbers and in stages will build up this bacteria gradually.
3. Big fish eat small fish. Aggressive fish will generally kill non-aggressive fish. Some fish do not do well in brand new tank. Some fish require certain foods. HOWEVER some of these rules can be broken, but be careful.

4. Enjoy your aquarium. This is supposed to be relaxing, not a labor. FOR THE PAST 35+ YEARS we recommend doing a partial water change of 25% ONCE A MONTH. Because of our super hard water, doing them more often may upset or harm most fish, unless you have African Cichlids. Mixing your tap water with soft water or water that has very low hardness will help if you want to do changes more than once a month.

ONE MAJOR POINT. Living things do not like lots of changes or being messed with. Fish are the same. So by messing with an aquarium allot you should expect problems. - relax

We have gotten very few negative reviews about how we treat the parents of children who do not want to supervise thier children. Children are the future of our business, but when bad parents allow them to act rudely, hit aquariums and run in the store, EVERYONE  should act. No one should blame any store for an irresponsible parents lack of control over thier children. Nor should any store have to baby sit, so to speak, any child. Yes, we may we may talk loudly to them, or ask them to leave, but if the parents do not want to be adults and control thier children, what other course of action do stores have.  Our number 1 concern is the child's safety. We do not want children, other customers, or the fish in our store to get stressed or hurt due to the lack of parental supervision.

This the a parental problem and not the Child's, or any employee of any store !!!

we Generally do not carry aquariums over 90 gallons. compare and have stores bid against each other for the larger aquarium sales and you should get a really great prices on these aquariums. also look on the web. Remember to bring in paper and pencil and compare the price of everything else before you buy that from where you bought the aquarium.  We do not price match, We let them match us.

Customers have told us that the extra cost of gas did not compare to the savings they saved by driving here to buy what they wanted.

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Facts that are nice to know about our fish and our industry

Fintique has been serving tropical fish hobbyist since 1975 at 701 West Ave San Antonio Texas. Please use the web or call us at 210-735-2829 to acquire driving directions. During this period we have seen many fads come and go, but we have remained steadfast in our goal. To provide you with the best and widest selection, highest quality, and unsurpassed prices on tropical fish and supplies. To ensure this we believe in...

KEEP IT SIMPLE = SUCCESS and enjoyment

  Yes, we could sell you items you don't need to make high dollar sales like some, but why. At Fintique we believe that understanding your aquarium will guarantee a successful and happy aquarium, and a loyal repeat customer.  Spending allot of money on non-needed or 'high-tech' items probably will not. Not fully understanding why a fancy high dollar item, verses a lower costing item is needed for your tank to succeeded and prosper causes major problems. Over many years in business we have found this to be very true.

"Spending  large amounts of money on your freshwater OR saltwater set-up will not relate to how any aquarium will perform". It will allow you to brag though.

     Understand your aquarium and think like a fish. Do fish get intense lighting 10-12 hours per day ?  (i.e.. think, sunrise-sunset, not mid-day all the time). Would you like to swim in a sewer ? ( not doing regular partial water changes ) ? There is no such thing as a miracle, or no-water change - filtering system, unless that is your buying the cities sewage plant as your filter. Swimming in to much or too little water flow ? These and other factors will affect the health of your fish. 

   Another benefit is we say Should or Might for advice we give. This is because for "mandatory" advise someone gives you, I can give an example of someone else doing it another way and being just as successful. Why buy expensive items just because a salesperson told you; you must  have it for your fish to live and prosper In our retail area we have used undergravel filters for over 35 years. For over 30 years in our holding area we have used only two sponge filters  per 29-45 gallon aquarium and have kept fish extremely well and for long periods.  Try to understand HOW your aquarium works. Most aquariums do better without fancy and costly items. Most high tech items cost more than old tech and generally contain more pieces that can break. Lately finding replacement items for them can be very difficult if at all. Try to understand the biological cycle instead of loosing your hard earned cash to a good salesperson.

   We have undergravel filters in all but 2 of our saltwater tanks and all but 5 of our freshwater aquariums for over 40 years with no problems. Just about all other stores have stopped carrying or recommending them because they do not generate repeat sales for filter pads and media. Most aquariums do better with undergravel filters. Just remember, their is no bad filter system. Fintique sells all types of filters. We carry over 10 types of water conditioners and hundreds of other chemicals and supplies Yes, we sell some high-tech items and chemicals, plus some of the must have fad items. We do not ship livestock. From what customers have told us, we have the best selection, quality, and price of livestock and aquarium ornaments, big, small and unusual.


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